Book: Paolo Diego Bubbio, God and the Self in Hegel. Beyond Subjectivism (SUNY Press, 2017)

Da qualche giorno è possibile acquistare il nuovo libro di Paolo Diego Bubbio, God and the Self in Hegel, pubblicato presso SUNY Press. Paolo Diego Bubbio, membro di HegeLab, è associate professor presso la University of Western Sydney. Tra le sue altre pubblicazioni ricordiamo Sacrifice in the Post-Kantian Tradition: Perspectivism, Intersubjectivity, and Recognition (SUNY, 2014) e la raccolta Religion After Kant. God and Culture in the Idealist Era, curata insieme a Paul Redding.

Il volume è acquistabile su Amazon a questo indirizzo. Qui di seguito una sinossi del libro in Inglese:

God and the Self in Hegel proposes a reconstruction of Hegel’s conception of God and analyzes the significance of this reading for Hegel’s idealistic metaphysics. Paolo Diego Bubbio argues that in Hegel’s view, subjectivism—the tenet that there is no underlying “true” reality that exists independently of the activity of the cognitive agent—can be avoided, and content can be restored to religion, only to the extent that God is understood in God’s relation to human beings, and human beings are understood in their relation to God. Focusing on traditional problems in theology and the philosophy of religion, such as the ontological argument for the existence of God, the Trinity, and the “death of God,” Bubbio shows the relevance of Hegel’s view of religion and God for his broader philosophical strategy. In this account, as a response to the fundamental Kantian challenge of how to conceive the mind-world relation without setting mind over and against the world, Hegel has found a way of overcoming subjectivism in both philosophy and religion.

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